FAQ Outgoing

On our website you will find all relevant information on the different funding programmes and opportunities. Please consider what a stay abroad means to you personally:

  • Getting to know new countries and cultures
  • Career move
  • Improve your language skills
  • Personal development
  • Learn new teaching and learning methods
  • Networking
  • ...

Depending on where your personal priorities lie, you decide on a destination and institution where you would like to spend your stay abroad.

Important criteria when choosing a partner university:

  • Courses offered at the partner university - Does this match the courses you would have to take at UAS Burgenland this semester?

  • Agreement of the programme director - Does the director agree with the choice of courses and the partner university?


Registration for a semester abroad is done online here: Web Anmeldedienst (fh-burgenland.at)

Application deadline for Erasmus+ funding:

  • 15 March (following winter semester)

  • 15 September (following summer semester)

After the application deadline, places will be allocated and the International Office will inform you by e-mail.


On the one hand, there are application deadlines, on the other hand, the "window of opportunity" for a stay abroad is slightly different in each degree programme.

Here are the recommendations of the individual degree programmes for semesters abroad - deviations may be possible by individual agreement:

  • BAEP: 4th, 5th semester or 6th semester in connection with professional internship.
  • BIWB: 4th or 6th semester
  • BITI: 3rd or 4th semester; 5th or 6th semester (to be agreed with the programme director)
  • BIMK: 3rd or 4th semester
  • BSWE: 3rd - 6th semester, also possible with only professional internship abroad
  • BSOZ: 4th semester
  • BEUM: 4th, 5th semester or 6th semester in conjunction with professional internship
  • BGTA/BGET: 4th, 5th semester or 6th semester in conjunction with work placement
  • BGMF: 4th semester
  • BPHY: 5th semester (to be agreed with the programme director)
  • BGUK: 5th semester (to be agreed with the head of the programme)
  • BHEB: Internship abroad in the 5th semester (to be agreed with the head of the programme)
  • MGTM: 3rd or 4th semester (to be agreed with the head of the programme)
  • MNES: 4th semester in conjunction with Master's thesis (to be agreed with the head of the programme)
  • MEUM: 3rd or 4th semester
  • MDMK: 4th semester
  • MIWB: 3rd (especially Double Degree Georgia or Russia) or 4th semester
  • MHRM: 4th semester
  • MBPM: 4th semester
  • MEST: 4th semester
  • MEWM: 3rd or 4th semester
  • MIWM: no specific date, to be agreed with programme director

Please note that the semester times abroad may differ from the academic year at the FH Burgenland. This may result in a need for coordination with regard to the preceding or following semester. Please be sure to enquire about this at the partner university in good time and clarify this issue with your programme director.


Applications for an internship abroad should be sent by e-mail to:

Attachment: signed internship agreement


For compulsory internships, this is regulated differently depending on the degree programme and must be agreed with the head of the degree programme. Voluntary internships can be completed during the non-teaching period.

A minimum duration of 2 months is required for Erasmus+ funding.

Application deadline for Erasmus+ funding:

  • 15 June (following winter semester).

  • 15 November (following summer semester)


The easiest way is, of course, to stay at partner universities of the FH Burgenland. Within Europe, you have the opportunity to have these mobilities funded with ERASMUS+ and also pay no tuition fees at the respective host university.

In the following Central and Eastern European countries Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, funding through CEEPUS is also possible - please contact our International Office.

In exceptional cases, funding is also available for international partner universities outside the EU - please contact the International Office.

As a freemover (without funding), the whole world is basically open to you - provided you find courses that are credited to you by your programme director.


The core of your stay is the Learning Agreement, regardless of whether it is an internship or a semester abroad. Here you define in good time before your stay how and which contents (courses, activities) will be credited to you here at UAS Burgenland. This Learning Agreement is - as the name suggests - an agreement between you, your programme director and the host institution (i.e. the host university or company where you are doing your internship). This applies to both funded stays and freemovers.

The Learning Agreement contains

  • all courses at the FH Burgenland that will be credited to you and

  • the courses you will take at the partner university (including ECTS credits).

The following is important for ERASMUS+ study visits: For each month that you spend abroad, you must receive at least 3 ECTS credits at the FH Burgenland, otherwise you will not receive any funding.

The crediting takes place after completion of the stay and uploading of the Transcript of Records by the study programme office.


There are different funding programmes depending on how long you want to study and where you want to go. Students who study at one of our partner universities are exempt from the tuition fees there.

The monthly funding amount varies depending on the host country. Students with fewer opportunities receive an additional monthly grant. Detailed information about the current Erasmus+ funding rates can be found here: Students and Graduates | National Agency for Erasmus+ and ESK (erasmusplus.at)

Payment is made in 2 instalments:

  • 80 % of the total funding amount in advance (upon presentation of the confirmation of arrival)
  • 20 % after completion of the internship/semester

CEEPUS: Current funding amounts and information can be found at www.ceepus.info.


Different language levels in English and/or the national language are required for a degree course or an internship. Mostly B2, sometimes C1 - it depends on the respective institute.

Sometimes a language certificate is also required - please check with your host university in good time.

Therefore, it is important to start learning the language early enough. Our Tandem Programme and the OLS language test and course can support you in this.


The online tool Online Lingiustic Support is provided by ERASMUS+.

There are 2 parts:

1. OLS Language Test (recommended).

Before starting your stay abroad in a country where your mother tongue is not spoken, ERAMSUS+ recommends that you take an OLS language test. However, the result cannot be seen by the host university or the International Office and has no influence on the scholarship.

2nd OLS Language Course (optional)

After taking the OLS language test, you have the option to take an OLS language course - if your language of instruction is not the national language and you are proficient in the language of instruction, you can also take the language course in the national language.


Semester abroad:

Application deadline for Erasmus+ funding:

  • 15 March (following winter semester)

  • 15 September (following summer semester)

Internship abroad:

Application deadline for Erasmus+ funding:

  • 15 June (following winter semester)

  • 15 November (following summer semester)


As a student of the FH Burgenland you are covered by accident and liability insurance by paying the ÖH-fee (in principle also abroad), but only in the context of your studies - not in your free time! Being nominated for an ERASMUS+ stay does not automatically mean that you are covered by insurance.

If you are going abroad, you must also deal with the issue of insurance cover in good time - health, accident and liability insurance are absolutely essential. Please make the necessary preparations in good time before you start your stay abroad (e.g. obtain information about any co-insurance, the scope of the insurance benefits of the e-card, travel insurance via credit cards, possibly take out additional health, travel or accident insurance).

With your e-card you are also covered by health insurance in other European countries. Nevertheless, it is advisable and in some (especially non-European) countries necessary to take out comprehensive additional insurance that also includes repatriation in case of illness, accident or even death.


There are no additional income limits for ERASMUS+. However, other regulations may apply to any other state or federal funding.


Find out about the entry and residence regulations of the host country in good time. You can find information on this, for example, on the website of the Austrian Foreign Ministry: Reiseinformation - BMEIA, Außenministerium Österreich.

When travelling to non-European countries or if you are not an EU citizen, you may have to apply for a visa in due time. If you have any questions, please contact your host university.


The website www.grants.at provides a good overview of funding opportunities in Austria.

At www.stipendium.at https://www.stipendium.at/ there is information on scholarships abroad.


Most partner universities offer accommodation. Please enquire in good time (especially in large cities) about the availability of student halls of residence, etc.

The International Office can also put you in contact with former outgoings in order to exchange information about housing options.


During your stay abroad, you remain enrolled at the FH Burgenland. Therefore, you also have to continue paying the ÖH fee.

If you study at one of our partner universities within the framework of ERASMUS+, you are exempt from paying the tuition fees there.

As a freemover, you also have to pay all tuition fees as prescribed by the partner university.


This depends on your respective curriculum. In principle, you must take 30 ECTS per semester, but you do not have to complete all of them abroad. Please clarify this with your programme director as part of the learning agreement.

The following is important for ERASMUS+ stays: For each month you spend abroad, at least 3 ECTS must be credited to you at the FH Burgenland, otherwise you will not receive funding.