FH Sport and Health Association

The "FH Sport und Gesundheit" (FH Sport and Health) association is aimed at staff, students and graduates who enjoy exercise, are enthusiastic about sports and are interested in health, or want to get more involved with the topic of health and sport. Our goal is to offer holistic health and exercise promotion through activities such as workshops or lectures as well as regular exercise programmes. We want to unite all members of the FH Burgenland, motivate them for an individual health awareness and create community & solidarity among each other!

In addition, the comprehensive range of courses and lectures offered by the "FH Sport und Gesundheit" association is intended to support the implementation of health-promoting behaviour in everyday (working) life.

The courses and lectures offered by the association are free of charge for all interested parties or are available at greatly reduced prices.

Contact details: sportundgesundheit[at]fh-burgenland.at

More details on the programme and registration on the website of the FH Sport und Gesundheit association.