Erasmus+ study visits

Criteria for choosing a partner university:

  • Courses offered
  • Approval by the head of the degree programme on the basis of the Learning Agreement

The application process consists of three steps:

The application for an Erasmus+ grant takes place via theonline tool Mobility Onlinetakes place.
After the first login with your UAS account, you will receive a registration link with which you log in to Mobility Online again. There you complete your personal data and upload the application documents. You can save your application at any time.

The following documents must be uploaded in the online application:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of success from the last semester

Attention: we recommend that you indicate two preferences for different universities

Please note the following application deadlines for the above steps:
15 March: for the following winter semester
15 September: for the following summer semester

After the application deadline, places will be allocated and the International Office will inform you by e-mail.


Once you have been nominated, the partner university will usually contact you by email and send you information on how to register. Irrespective of this, it is important and necessary that you inform yourself about the registration formalities and deadlines at the partner university and register yourself.

Please note that the start and end of the semester in some countries may be different from FH Burgenland, which may result in overlapping dates for examinations or courses at FH Burgenland. In this case, please make sure to consult with your programme director.

If the partner university has not contacted you by approx. 2 weeks before the registration deadline, please contact the International Office.


You create the Learning Agreement in consultation with your programme director. This means that you jointly determine which courses you will attend at the partner university and for what purposes they will be credited here at FH Burgenland.

Then you enter the following into Mobility Online:

  • all courses at the FH Burgenland that will be cred ited to you and
  • the courses you are taking at the partner university (including ECTS credits).

Attention: For an Erasmus+ scholarship, at least 3 ECTS credits per month credited by FH Burgenland are required!

The following signatures are required:

  • Signature of the student
  • Signature of the head of the degree programme
  • Signature of the partner university

Ideally, these signatures are all done digitally, you do not have to print or scan anything, everything is transmitted electronically. If the partner university does not yet have a corresponding interface, the Learning Agreement can also be downloaded as a PDF document and signed by hand.

The payment of the first instalment of the Erasmus+ grant takes place after uploading the confirmation of arrival in Mobility Online. No further application is necessary.