Research at the Department of Energy & Environment

The Department of Energy-Environmental Management offers sound technical training combined with economic and legal management aspects. The focus is on energy and environmental management, energy and environmental technology, sustainable energy systems as well as building technology and building management.

Applied research and development at the Department of Energy-Environmental Management covers the topics of sustainable energy supply, building services engineering and environmental engineering and management.

Sustainable energy supply:

  • Creation / evaluation of energy supply scenarios and supply chains
  • Development / monitoring of measures to increase energy efficiency
  • Technical and economic aspects of the integration of renewable energy
  • Concept and product development of renewable energy and storage technologies
  • Energetic raw material utilisation
  • Energy logistics - energy automation - smart grids

Building services engineering:

  • Thermal comfort, indoor air quality and acoustics
  • Component and system development
  • Method development (measurement, monitoring and simulation methods)
  • Building automation
  • Intelligent and sustainable building materials
  • Integration into the smart city environment
  • Energetic, ecological and economic evaluation of buildings

Environmental engineering and management:

  • Sustainable management / use of resources
  • Material recycling of residual materials
  • Environmental Product Declaration
  • Eco-balancing
  • Material flow analysis
  • Reduction of emissions