Admission Requirements

For a Bachelor's degree programme at our organisation, you meet one of the following requirements: 
“A“ levels (or equivalent qualifications), university entrance examination or vocational matriculation examination, preparatory course with an accreditation exam.

For a Master 's degree programme, you need to have completed at least three years of study at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution (Bachelor's, diploma and Master's degree programmes from universities of applied sciences and universities, doctoral studies).

Details on the admission requirements for the individual Master's programmes:

Admission requirements for international degree seeking students from third-party states

(outside of the EU and EEA - exception Switzerland)

Please note: Application deadline for applicants from third-party states: 15 March

Before we can consider your application, please make sure that you have uploaded the following documents to the application portal ( Online registration - FH Burgenland (

(Please note: if the documents are neither in English nor in German they have to be translated in either of those languages by a certified translator)

  • CV (with photograph) in pdf-format
  • Copy of your passport in pdf-format
  • Passport photograph in jpg-format (picture size min. 1.8 inch (45 mm) high x min. 1.4 inch (35 mm) wide, max. head size 1.4 inch (36 mm), min. eye distance 0.3 inch (8mm)
  • Letter of motivation in pdf-format
  • High school diploma and/or university entrance exam diploma (in full) in pdf-format - document in original language plus translation (if the document I neither in English nor in German)
  • Proof of academic qualification (transcripts of your university, copy of university degree, etc.) in pdf-format - document in original language plus translation (if the document I neither in English nor in German)
  • Copy of ecard / Austrian Social Security Card (if applicable)
  • UHSTAT1 confirmation - please follow the instructions on the application portal

If you have applied for more than one degree programme at FH Burgenland, it is sufficient to upload the document only once.

Please name the documents in the following format:

  • Last name_First name_Document title, e.g..:
  • Brown_John_High School Diploma.pdf

Regulations apostille - full diplomatic legalisation

Unless there is an agreement concerning exemption between the country of origin and Austria, documents from other countries must be legalised and certified if they are to be recognised in Austria. Legalisation can apply to either the original document or a certified copy. The purpose of legalisation is to confirm the authenticity of the signatures and seal. Documents from a higher education institution in another country have the full evidential value as domestic public documents if they have the required certification. Documents from countries with which Austria has concluded a bilateral agreement concerning exemption from legalisation are exempt.

Depending on the terms of the agreement, documents or certified copies of them from another country therefore require

  • no legalisation (as long as there is a bilateral agreement in place);
  • the apostille of the issuing country (Hague Convention); find authorities here: Information Apostille
  • full diplomatic legalisation (no agreement).

Find the detailed information here:

Legalization of documents

Your application will not be considered unless you upload the full diplomatic accreditation* or apostille* for your High School Diploma and, in case of an application for a Master's programme, your Bachelor Diploma!

Entry and Residence

Find information here:

Entry and Residence | OeAD, Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation

* subject to accreditation by AQ Austria