Research at the Department of Information Technology

Research for the digital society, and industry

Digital technologies continuously determine and change to a great extent the living and working conditions of our society today. Information technology and information management play a central role in the design and development of future framework conditions. This is where the research work at the Department of ITM comes in. The "digital transformation" with all its highly dynamic effects on our society is actively shaped by the research activities at the department. In this way, we make a useful contribution to ensuring the competitiveness of the local, but also international economy, in particular for occupational fields in the industrial, production and service sectors.

Modern information technologies have the task of making highly complex requirements usable in a way that is as low-threshold as possible. In this respect, our research involvement with new technologies requires an equally highly dynamic involvement in problem solving within the framework of research. We face these challenges every day at the Department of Information Technology and Information Management at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland! In constant observation, we react to global changes in the market and incorporate these into our research work. In the Department's degree programmes, we create the ideal framework conditions for this: within the framework of different research projects, we include economic aspects and social aspects in our research work.

"Digitalisation influences companies and people alike and is developing very quickly. Therefore, linking research and teaching, integrating our students into applied research projects, but also cooperating with local and supra-regional business and research partners to achieve common goals is an important concern for me."

Christian Büll, Head of Department

Research objectives and research strategy

The goals of the Department of Information Technology are defined by the generation of unique teaching content with research in the area of e-learning and the corresponding use of technologies, such as blockchain, as well as the further development of expertise, for example in the topics of smart meters, circular economy or Internet of Things. The research activities are mainly carried out in the research centre at the Eisenstadt site. The research results are presented to the general public in the form of publications and conference contributions.

With our approach of actively promoting the involvement of teaching and research staff and students, we meet the institutional, but also socio-political goals of the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland and thus create the framework conditions for applied research and development.