Since the beginning of 2015, the Department of Health has had the so-called Energetikum available for research, which is equipped with a modern media laboratory and a management simulation room , among other things. The management simulation room serves as an experimental laboratory for IT-driven and behaviour-driven business games. The specially created room is equipped with a one-way mirror and is used for didactic business game research and research-led teaching. For example, the lab facilitates a training programme for managers with the aim of simulating certain everyday professional situations and then reflecting on them. The lab is equipped with a modern video recording system that allows professional analysis of the simulation games. Through the one-way mirror and using video analysis, the behaviour of the simulation participants can be observed on the one hand, analysed on the other and used for feedback control. In addition, physiological changes can be measured and evaluated with the help of biofeedback devices.

Furthermore, the so-called "Health Lab" or "Research House Health", which consists of multi-sensory simulation rooms, was established at the Pinkafeld site. The research house has the appropriate technical equipment, which is based on the pillars of "lighting technology", "sound" and "scenting". The three components address the most important human senses - namely "hearing", "seeing" and "smelling". By consciously shaping these sensory impressions, the well-being of people can be significantly and positively influenced. With the Research House Health, an essential milestone for the research of the Department of Health was laid. Empirical data for research and, subsequently, clinical practice can be obtained and scientifically processed in an adequate form.