I am making my town climate-friendly

Christiane Staab
Christiane Staab

Daniel Rotter heads the department of energy, climate and environmental protection in the municipal administration of Mödling, a town with around 20,000 inhabitants.

He acquired the know-how for his job in two degree programmes at University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, which he completed as a part-time student.

“I’ve always had an interest in technology,” says the trained electrical energy technician. “Soon, I realised that I wanted to continue my education in this field.” In order to enrol in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Energy and Environmental Management at University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, he first had to pass the general higher education entrance examination. “These six years in total were very intense, but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that time.” It was clear to the graduate from the outset that his academic career would not end after completing his Bachelor’s degree. He went on to complete the Master’s Degree Programme in Sustainable Energy Systems.

Daniel Rotter has the ambition to initiate social change and achieve something meaningful with his work. He has been responsible for all energy and environmental issues in Mödling for two years now. This concerns all municipal buildings, including their energy supply and energy consumption, PV systems, public e-charging stations and much more.

His highlights so far: “We have replaced the last oil heating systems with pellet heating systems, installed new PV systems and completed the audit in the European energy efficiency programme “e5” with a very positive result.”

"From my studies, energy supply and building physics were particularly important to me, as well as the overview of different heating systems and generation plants - simply knowing how to optimise buildings and make them regenerative and climate-friendly.”

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