Dear Madam/Sir,

on behalf of the Excellence-in-ReSTI project consortium, we are pleased to share with you this Strategy and Roadmap, which provides a summary of current challenges to the management of science, technology and innovation projects within nine countries in the Danube macro-region.

Download Strategy and Roadmap (.doc) here
Download Strategy and Roadmap (.pdf) here

The document presents a list of supporting measures to improve and strengthen national actors’ capacity to design, develop, manage, communicate and disseminate research and innovation projects, both nationally and in a cross-border context. This list was composed on the basis of a widespread data collection and analysis process with the involvement of all project partners with the final aim of providing a relevant Strategy and Roadmap recommending steps for policy action with the intention to provide strategic direction for the improvement of the institutional framework conditions for research and innovation.

In order to validate the results obtained, the project intends to collect and discuss the opinion of the broadest segment of relevant stakeholder group, i.e. regional and national policy-makers dealing with research and innovation, or policy influencers whose professional opinion tend to be considered by policy-makers in one form or another. We believe you would find it of interest as one of the identified stakeholders in the Danube macro-region.

We therefore wish to invite you to share your thoughts and perspectives on the proposed measures. In the below one-page survey, we ask you to share with us which ideas you agree or disagree with, and we ask you for suggestions for improvement.

Please fill out the survey by May 31, 2019:

Should you have any questions or comments, please let us know by contacting Gabor Szudi at szudi[at], or Irena Zavrl at irena.zavrl[at] Further and detailed information on the project, its activities and achievements are also available online at

Faithfully yours,  h. c. Irena Zavrl,Ph.D.
Programme Director, Head of Academic Committee Joint PhD 

Fachhochschule Burgenland GmbH
Campus 1, A-7000 Eisenstadt

Disclaimer: the survey is formulated so that no respondent can be identified on a personal level, unless he/she intends to provide personalised data. If such data is shared then respondent gives consent that his/her data may be shared with the Danube Transnational Programme's Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat for reporting purposes.

The personal information/data will remain confidential and not be shared with other stakeholders or third parties, unless explicitly agreed. Upon request all provided data of respondent will be deleted.

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