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21. August 2019

Regina Scheitel aus den USA studiert im englischsprachigen Masterstudiengang European Studies – Management of EU Projects an der FH Burgenland.

What is special/great about the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland?

The University of Applied Science of Burgenland is special because of the wonderful learning opportunities it provides its students, while offering these services with a personal touch.

"The University moves beyond traditional lecture style classes, providing students with lecturers that are experts in their fields, who then provide an atmosphere for students to engage, think critically and challenge themselves. It is truly a wonderful program and university to be a part of, and the staff at the university are always readily available to help students, find solutions with them and offer support. That cannot always be found at other universities, and in my opinion, these are all part of what makes the University of Applied Sciences of Burgenland a great place to learn and grow."

 What are your plans for your future after your studies here?

"I am planning to remain in Austria and would like to continue to work in the field of social work, which I had previously studied, but I plan to take the knowledge I have learned from this program into the field with me. Having now studied project management focusing on EU policies and law, I feel I can use this to further help with projects in the field of social work and focus on tackling issues not just on a micro level, but on a macro level where real changes can be made. I would also like to teach in the future, and am looking at doctorate programs with an emphasis on advocacy in the field of mental health, which I had previously specialized in and currently work in."

The program in particular is special, because not only do students learn from the courses, they learn from each other due to everyone coming from different backgrounds, cultures, etc.

Regina ScheitelStudent at FH Burgenland

In German:

Regina Scheitel aus den USA studiert im englischsprachigen Masterstudiengang European Studies – Management of EU Projects an der FH Burgenland. Davor absolvierte sie ein Studium im Sozialbereich. Sie empfindet das Studium im Burgenland als sehr besonders. „Den Studierenden werden einzigartige Möglichkeiten geboten, zu lernen – und all das mit einem sehr persönlichen Touch,“ sagt sie. Vor allem begeistert sie die Tatsache, dass die Lehrenden Experten in ihren Arbeitsbereichen sind. „Unsere Vortragenden schaffen eine Atmosphäre, in der wir als Studierende eingeladen sind, selbst kritisch zu denken und uns selbst herauszufordern.“

Vor allem in ihrem internationalen Studienprogramm lernen die Studierenden auch viel voneinander. „Wir kommen aus unterschiedlichen Kulturen und Backgrounds – das ist sehr bereichernd.“ Nach ihrem Studienabschluss möchte die Studentin weiter im Sozialbereich tätig sein und die im Studium erworbenen Kenntnisse einsetzen. Auch selbst in die Lehre zu gehen, stellt für sie eine spannende Möglichkeit dar.