European Staff Week

Welcome at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland! We invite you to be part of our international community at Building Bridges. Our goal: We want to learn for the future and to share what we have learned in the past – from and with you. I look forward to meet you personally in May!

Michael RoitherVice Rector for International Affairs

„Dig in! Digitalisation and Internationalisation: Challenges and Opportunities for Universities“ is the main theme of Building Bridges 2019. What do digitalisation and internationalisation mean for administration, lecturing and didactics at universities? What can we learn from each other in that regard, and where can we possibly work together? How can universities survive in global competition, what ideas, creative measures and initiatives are there for this in Europe? These and many other questions are at the heart of European Staff Week. Building Bridges invites colleagues from administration, lecturing and didactics to discuss important current topics together, to be inspired by keynotes and to network during and after the programme in beautiful Burgenland, near Vienna. The event sees itself as a platform that presentsinputs from the participants in many aspects of the programme and uses them as a basis for discussion: Learning from each other and with each other in order to better master the challenges of the future.



PH Burgenland

Max. Participants



6 to 9 May


7000 Eisenstadt, Campus 1

7423 Pinkafeld, Steinamangerstraße 21


No fees



Arrival & Accomodation

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Prof.(FH) Dr. Michael Roither




+43 5 7705-4335 

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