International Business Relations

Language of instruction: German and English

This CEE-focused program produces competent business leaders of the future who possess valuable knowledge and relevant practice from the field.


We’re educating internationally-oriented future executives who are not only competent in economics, but possess specialized knowledge on the Central Eastern part of Europe, as well.

Nina Trinkl
Programme Director

Programme fact file

Degree programme

Master’s Programme - 4 semesters

Academic degree

Master of Arts in Business - MA

Programme structure


Available study places


Place of study

7000 Eisenstadt, Campus 1

Language of instruction

German and English


  • International Business Law—an innovative legal management specialization in business administration
  • Linked with Central Eastern Europe—cooperation with prestigious, international businesses and universities of applied sciences since 1994
  • Three Labs for Consumer Research—a lab for observation of focus groups, plus sensory and eye-tracking labs

Occupational areas

Potential employers include national and international companies and organisations with economic ties to the EU and/or Central and Eastern Europe. Graduates of this programme work in areas such as:

Entry requirements

Completion of a post-secondary level programme of at least three years at an accredited domestic or foreign educational institute; e.g. a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree from a university or a university of applied sciences.
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Application and admission process

Apply online before May 31st. After this date, only remaining free spaces may be applied for.
Candidates will then be invited for an interview.