Language of instruction: German

This master program offers comprehensive and future-oriented education in care management concepts. Health Management and Integrated Healthcare is an appropriate programme for those who are interested in merging highly-specialized competence with holistic care management concepts in the health and social services sphere of duties.

We have recognized contemporary challenges and offer the right answers to relevant healthcare questions.

Peter J. MayerProgramme Director

Degree Programme

Master’s programme – 4 semesters

Academic degree

Master of Arts in Business - MA

Programme structure

Part-time (Fridays and Saturdays from approx. 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.)

Available study places


Place of study7423 Pinkafeld, Steinamangerstraße 21
Language of instructionGerman


Occupational areas

Graduates are prepared take on executive positions in health and social facilities (such as hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, convalescent homes, organizations providing home health care, joint practices, health organisations, long-term care facilities, information centers, social insurance agencies, etc.)

  • as managers in the healthcare or social sector
  • in hospital management
  • as an interface between stationary and ambulatory care
  • in areas of central coordination for social work
  • in teaching, research and development

Completed degree of at least three years at a recognised Austrian or foreign tertiary institution of education (bachelor and master degrees at universities of applied sciences and universities, PhDs), professional experience in health or social care, proof of knowledge from the tertiary sector, depending on the specialisation.


  • Unique in Austria, this future-oriented programme combines healthcare management with innovative care models
  • Options for in-depth studies in „Health Care Management“ and „Integrated Care“
  • Acquisition of additional qualifications during the course of studies (“Case und Care Management,” “Process Management,” and “Project Management”)
  • Theory-guided, application-oriented teaching—continual transfer from theory to practice via professional activities of many students

Apply online until 31st May. After this date, you can only apply for remaining free places; oral admission interview.