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This space gives doctoral students from our International Cross-border PhD-Programme a platform to present the latest findings related to their studies to a wider public.

Sebastian Zemla

Nataniel Zemla

Martin A. Moser

Markus Schindler

Dimitar Lambrev

Kadriye Çığır

Ivana Martinčević

Reinhold Gruber

Ines Karagianni Ladašić

Prof. (FH) Mag. Silke Palkovits-Rauter

Mag. (FH) Klaudija Hašaj, MA PhD

I can say that by choosing this PhD programme I have enriched my professional knowledge and started a new journey, a scientific one that gave me a new perspective on my future professional carrier and offered me an enrichment in my personality as well. It is a unique programme, and all of us should be proud for taking the initiative at the beginning of this programme in 2014.

Ivona PeternelMay 2019

Ivona Peternel, dipl. oec. PhD

Doris Granabetter, M.A. M.A.

Zrinka Gregov, MSc, MA

Martin Setnicka, BA MA PhD

  • CV (pdf)
  • "Harmonised Value Added Tax System in the European Union"