Bridging Programme for International Students

The Bridging Programme for International Students is a one to two-year university preparation programme for international applicants, which leads to undergraduate and graduate programmes at UAS Burgenland. The programme acts as a bridge between your current qualifications and entry requirements of the various degree programs offered at UAS Burgenland and is designed to plug academic gaps, improve your German and English language skills and familiarize you with Austrian life and culture in preparation for university studies.

You can choose to participate in the Bridging Programme offered at Campus Pinkafeld for two or four semesters before applying to and eventually joining your desired degree program. The full Bridging Programme is a four-semester academic programme targeted at students whose academic readiness and/or German and/or English language skills is/are not sufficient to be admitted to regular undergraduate programmes at UAS Burgenland. The two-semester Advanced Bridging Programme requires that you already meet the specific entry requirements of your desired undergraduate or graduate programme, apart from sufficient language qualifications. Upon successful completion of the two or four semester Bridging Programme you can apply to one of the regular undergraduate or graduate programmes. Please note that the Bridging Programme is offered on a fee paying basis and entry into undergraduate and postgraduate studies is subject to admission criteria. The final acceptance of enrolment will always be at the discretion of the head of the desired degree programme.


  • Full-time studies
  • Duration of Bridging Programme: 2 – 4 semesters
    • Bridging Program (4 semesters) – entrance requirement: German language level A1 – English language level A2
    • Advanced Bridging Program (2 semesters) – entrance requirement: German language level B1 – English language level B1
  • German and English language courses  are available from level A2 to at least level B2 according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR)
  • Internationally recognized German language diplomas “ÖSD - Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch” can be obtained after completing each German language module; ÖSD diplomas are state-approved examinations for German as a Foreign/Second Language which correspond to the levels of CEFR
  • Applicants who basically meet all entry requirements of the desired degree program and can prove German language skills at least at A2 level and English language skills at least at B1 level (according to CEFR) are candidates for the Advanced Bridging Programme (2 semesters only). If there is no official proof of your levels available, corresponding language proficiency exams can be taken at Campus Pinkafeld upon arrival/before programme start.
  • The programme languages are German and English
  • The total obtainable credits are 30 ECTS per semester
  • Join a community of international students in the adjacent student hostel (other residential options might be available upon request).

Target Group and Entry Requirements

The main target group of the Bridging Programme for International Students at Campus Pinkafeld is applicants aiming to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree at UAS Burgenland who lack the required entry qualifications. Following completion of the programme you are eligible for application to a degree programme at one of our two campuses at UAS Burgenland.

Personal and educational documents needed are:

  • CV including personal statement on motivation to join the programme
  • Valid passport
  • Secondary school leaving certificate and/or any other proof of your university entrance qualifications in your home country
  • Secondary school transcript (final year)
  • If you already started/completed some sort of higher education/studies, (university) transcripts and/or awarded diplomas/degrees
  • Language certificates (German, English)

Please note that the required educational documents may differ according to your personal educational background. Your application, however, can only be processed if all the required personal and educational documents are made available in due time. According to your country of origin, it might also be necessary to have all your original documents certified by the Austrian embassy or consulate in your home country. If the documents are not issued in German or English, you need to provide certified German or English translations as well.

Online Application

  • Academic year: 1 October - 31 July
  • Application deadline for each academic year: 31 May
  • Please submit your application online
  • Chinese applicants are requested to submit their documents via e-mail to office[at]

For information on current study fees please contact the Bridging Programme Management.


For information and to apply please contact:

Programme Director

Bridging Programme Management