Social Work

Language of instruction: German

This bachelor programme is aimed at developing and training experts for the challenges of the multi-faceted occupational field of social work.

This is the right programme for you if you are looking for education in the social sector at university level.

This is the address for praxis-relevant, methodical and ethically-critical know-how as well as the merging of social work and social pedagogy.

Manfred TauchnerProgramme Director

Degree Programme

Lasting 6 semesters, the bachelor programme Social Work focuses on child, youth and family welfare.

Academic degree

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences - BA

 Programme structure


Available study places


Place of study


Language of instructionGerman (min. level B2)

Programme features

The Social Work degree programme distinguishes itself through

  • the focus on child, youth and family welfare
  • the combination of social work and social pedagogy in one programme
  • developing both methodological and technical competencies as well as the numerous fields of social work
  • the ethical and social-philosophical emphasis
  • the focus on character building activities (e.g. self-awareness)
  • the strong link to practical experience through work placements in Austria and abroad along with the appropriate tuition

Application procedure

Apply online by 31st March. After this date only remaining spaces may be applied for; a group aptitude test and an admission interview will be conducted.

“A” levels (or equivalent qualifications), university entrance examination or vocational matriculation examination, preparatory course with an accreditation examination


Occupational areas

Demographic shifts (a marked increase in the number of older people), changes in family and working patterns as well as ecological and economic crises all indicate a continuing increase in social services. There is a need for well educated experts in all the areas of social work: child, youth and family welfare, social security and poverty, adult social work, outpatient and residential social care, the older generation and multi-generational issues, migration and inter-cultural issues, health and disabilities, support for criminals, drug and addiction aid, etc. There will be a definite need for social workers and social pedagogues in youth, child and family welfare.

High quality and up-to-date professional social work can be carried out by graduates of this programme in the following occupational areas:

  • social work with families
  • social work with children and young people
  • social work in business and education
  • social work in health/clinical social work
  • social work with offenders
  • social work with the elderly
  • social work dealing with adults/social security/poverty
  • inter-cultural social work and immigration