Language of instruction: German

This bachelor programme educates competent physiotherapists who implement current scientific knowledge in their work with patients and clients.

This is the right program for you if you seek to work with clients on prevention, therapy and rehabilitation, as well as health consultation and education.

In this programme you will profit from research-accompanied teaching, a great amount of practice and close cooperation with internship mentors from various institutions.

Heike Bauer-HorvathProgramme Director

Degree Programme

Bachelor’s programme – 6 semesters

Academic degree

Bachelor of Science in Health Studies (BSc) and occupational qualification in physiotherapy

Programme structure


Available study places40
Place of study

University of Applied Sciences Campus in Pinkafeld, Schloss Jormannsdorf and practical facilities

Language of instructionGerman (level min. B2)

“A” levels (or equivalent qualifications), university entrance examination or vocational matriculation examination, preparatory course with an accreditation examination

Apply online before 31 March. After this date, you can only apply for remaining free places; written test, aptitude test and oral admission interview.


Programme features

The Physiotherapy Degree Programme distinguishes itself through

  • a well-grounded, practically oriented and competence oriented tertiary level academic degree course in Burgenland.
  • the development of professional competence.
  • numerous professional opportunities for graduates thanks to a sound theoretical training coupled with the practical implementation of the studied physiotherapeutic process in all areas of medicine and preventative medicine.
  • an interactive exchange with other courses in the Department of Health at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland – combined classes, for example.
  • the size of groups is just right to support individual needs.
  • innovative learning methods such as blended learning, case studies and the use of multi-media.
  • the opportunity to continue with a master’s degree.

Occupational areas

Graduates of the University of Applied Sciences Bachelor Course in Physiotherapy are offered a wide range of occupations thanks to the continuing importance of physiotherapy. More precisely, the areas of physiotherapy include prophylaxis, therapy and rehabilitation in all clinical areas including preventative therapy, health counselling and health education.

Graduates are particularly welcomed in the following areas of health and social care: 


in public and private clinics, rehabilitation clinics and centres, old peoples’ homes and care homes, centres for people with disabilities, hospices

Preventative Medicine

in facilities for sport and preventative medicine, institutions for the promotion of health, fitness studios, wellness centres, spas, sports clubs, etc.

Teaching and Research