Health Care and Nursing

Language of instruction: German

Competent experts in healthcare and nursing are cultivated in this bachelor programme; in addition to receiving a degree, graduates gain necessary skills and credentials for work in this field.

If you can imagine working directly on patients in various care settings, then this is the right program for you!

The perfect, high-level symbiosis of theory and practice takes place in this programme.

Nadine GrafProgramme Director

Degree Programme

 Bachelor’s programme – 6 semesters

 Academic degree

Bachelor of Science in Health Studies (BSc) and occupational qualification in health care and nursing

 Programme structure


Available study places


Place of study

Campus Pinkafeld
Campus Eisenstadt

Language of instruction

German (min. level B2)

“A” levels (or equivalent qualifications), university entrance examination or vocational matriculation examination, preparatory course with an accreditation examination.

Apply online before 31 March. After this date, you can only apply for remaining free places.

Aptitude test and oral admission interview.

Occupational areas

The University of Applied Sciences Bachelor Degree in Health Care and Nursing provides graduates not only with an academic degree but also the expertise for high-level occupations in the health care and nursing sectors.

Occupations range from working directly with patients to issuing professional reports, organising care, case and care management and quality management as well as consulting, preventative care and health promotion.

Graduates are particularly welcomed in the following areas of health and social care:

  • hospitals, senior residence and care homes, hospices, rehabilitation centres and supervised accommodation;
  • clinics and day centres;
  • outpatient centres, mobile care services and counselling centres.

Graduates may also take on positions in the public health sector. The bachelor degree is a good foundation for further specialisation in areas such as counselling, research, management and teaching.