Language of instruction: German

This six semester bachelor (BSc) programme produces expert facility technicians who are capable of taking on current and future challenges of the sector by implementing their knowledge and technical training in areas such as “Integrated Planning“ and “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Standards“.

The programme focuses on the planning, installation, or routine operation of technical equipment in buildings. An essential goal within the process is to provide a comfortable environment for the occupants which is—at the same time—energy-efficient, easy on resources, and as ecological as possible.

As we are the only university of applied sciences in Austria offering this program, our graduates are in great demand on the job market due to their vocational training and competent knowledge.

Werner StuttereckerProgramme Director

Degree programme

Bachelor’s programme - 6 semesters

Academic degree

Bachelor of Science in Engineering - BSc

Programme structure

Full-time*, part-time** or extended part-time*** study

Available study places

approx. 50

Place of study

7423 Pinkafeld, Steinamangerstraße 21

Language of instruction

German (min. level B2)


*Full-time:  approximately 15 weeks per semester, usually Tuesday through Friday; physical presence with many additional offers.

**Part-time:  over a period of approximately 22 weeks, with on-campus courses (every two weeks, on average): usually Friday from 2:00 p.m.--9:45 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m.--6:30 p.m., with an additional two physical presence blocks per semester (Thursday - Saturday, from 8:30 a.m.—7:30 p.m.). ***Extended Part-Time:  a program which has an additional two semesters in order to lighten each semester course load.


“ A“ levels (or equivalent qualifications), university entrance examination or
vocational matriculation examination, preparatory course with an accreditation

Apply online before 31 March. After this date you can only apply for remaining free places. Candidates will then be invited for an interview.


    • A unique education in facilities engineering and building automation including years of experience
    • A great number of courses in a special lab for facilities engineering and building automation
    • Flexibility in order to promote compatibility of studies, job and private life
    • Individual assistance prior to and during studies throughsupport courses for individuals without technical and scientific backgrounds as well as support courses for all those studying to be energy consultants or energy auditors

      Occupational areas

      Graduates of the program work for businesses and organizations involved in the conception, planning, bidding, realization and construction, construction supervision, operational management, renovation, analysis and optimization of facilities and equipment.

      Planning, Construction and Project Management

        • HVAC-Technician
        • Planning Engineer
        • Project Coordinator
        • Commercial-Technical Project Manager
        • Construction Site Coordinator

          Sales, Training, Customer Service

            • Product Manager
            • Sales and Customer Service Representative
            • Contract Coordinator

              Operation and Renovation; Consulting

              • Facility Manager
              • Maintenance Manager
              • Consultant
              • Energy Consultant
              • Energy Auditor