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 / 27th November 2020

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Technology and Climate Change

Energy – Building – Environment

On November 26 and 27, 2020 the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland will host the international congress e∙nova at Campus Pinkafeld.

This year you have the opportunity to present your contribution in one of the three parallel, topic-specific lecture blocks (Energy, Buildings and Environment) and to discuss it with international experts during the conference.

Conceived as an international scientific conference, e·nova is aimed at the scientific community as well as professionally oriented experts. Contributions from both groups in the field of applied research and development provide an overview of the state of scientific development as well as the possibilities and the status of professional and market-oriented implementation.

Keynote by Marcus Wadsak,
Thursday, November 26, 9:45 a.m.

Programme in detail

Prof. (FH) DI Dr. Gernot Hanreich (Chairman)
University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, Department of Energy and Environmental Management, Austria

Prof. (FH) DI Ernst Blümel
University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, Department of Energy and Environmental Management, Austria

Mag. Hildegund Figl
IBO-Österr. Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH, Austria

DI Dr. Helmuth Kreiner
TU Graz, Institut für Materialprüfung und Baustofftechnologie, Austria

DI Dr. Arne Ragoßnig
UTC Projekt- und Förderungsmanagement e.U., Austria

DI Susanne Supper
Green Energy Lab, Cluster Manager, Austria

Dr. Günter Wind
TB Wind, Ingenieurbüro für Physik, President of pansol, Austria

Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Franz Winter
Technische Universität Wien, Institut für Verfahrenstechnik, Umwelttechnik u. Techn. Biowissenschaften, Austria


Would you like to present your company to a specialist audience? Please contact the congress office for detailed information enova[at]fh-burgenland.at.


Please use the template Template_Paper.docx to submit your abstract.

For submission of printable paper please use our online conference administration system Conftool (https://www.conftool.com/enova2020/). You can submit your contributions after registration.

Selection of Presentations

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by a committee. Criteria for selection are topicality and relevance regarding the conference topic, content and overall presentation.

The scientific program of lectures will be accompanied by a poster presentation, a company exhibition (five-minute presentations) and the publication of the conference proceedings as part of the series Science.Research.Pannonia (Leykam Verlag).

Each paper is allotted 25 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for a discussion with participants.


(covering participation on both days)


1)Co-authors, members of alumni FH Burgenland, the Innovator-Circle and of ACR

Summer School Programmes Green.Building.Solutions. and Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems by our partner OeAD-Housing Office Vienna


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