Cooperating for more internationality and mobility - that is the goal of the "International Affairs Team". The team comprises the Vice Rectorate, the International Office and the Department Coordinators for International Affairs and works closely together on all strategic and operational issues. The extended team also includes the Center for Doctoral Studies and the Center for Study Preparation for exchange and comprehensive solutions.

The International Office team is your contact for all questions regarding the internationalisation of staff, teachers and students.

We are the interface for all international activities at the university and are responsible for advising on stays abroad as part of the degree programme, organising stays abroad for outgoing and incoming students, supporting the degree programmes in the implementation of various mobility projects, establishing and supporting networks and partnerships, and initiating and managing exchange programmes.

The staff of the International Office will be happy to assist you and looks forward to hearing from you (international[at]

Internationality and mobility have been a matter close to my heart since my youth: First it was the fascination of faraway places and extensive travelling. Later came the inspiration and interculturality through stays abroad during my studies and my time as a journalist and teacher. Today it is international cooperation and collaboration, physical and virtual mobility in teaching and research. Because the solutions to the great challenges of our society can only be found together, across borders and in a global network.

Michael RoitherVice Rector for International Affairs

The Department Coordinators for International Affairs (DCI) have an interface function at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland between administration/management and the academic units, the departments. On the one hand, they represent the departmental interests in the UASB-wide international committees and, on the other hand, the international concerns of the university and national and European guidelines in the departments. The DCIs have in-depth knowledge in the area of international affairs and have an overview of the corresponding departmental activities. In an advisory capacity, they are the contact person for all department staff in international and mobility matters.

Center for Doctoral Studies

Center for Study Preparation