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A Finnish delegation from the Purmo Group took a look around Pinkafeld. From left: Werner Stutterecker and Gernot Hanreich (FH Burgenland), Barry Lynch, Christian Heschl (FH Burgenland), Georg Schabereiter, Andreas Zottler, Lesia Gibbons, René Fink, John Peter Leesi, Linda Currie


The Pinkafeld campus of FH Burgenland is known far beyond its borders as a centre of excellence for building technology.International companies, such as the Finnish Purmo Group, also utilise the concentrated know-how of the Burgenland experts.The successful further education programme is now being rolled out to three other countries.

Pinkafeld, 19 October 2023 - A special kind of international pilot project took place at Burgenland University of Applied Sciences last academic year. Employees of the Purmo Group, one of the market leaders in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector, completed a building technology training programme developed and taught by UAS lecturers.

Training strengthens the skills our employees need to excel in their roles now and in the future. It ensures that their knowledge and expertise are relevant, consistent and sustainable.

Lesia Gibbons, Head of Organisational Development at the Purmo Group

More than 3,000 employees work for the company in 24 countries in the Climate Solutions and Climate Product and Systems divisions. Customers are located in more than 100 countries around the world. The Purmo Group is headquartered in Helsinki.

For the internationally successful company, the new training model is an innovative approach to the further training of specialists. After all, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry is constantly innovating to improve efficiency, cost effectiveness and sustainability. The training programme developed at FH Burgenland is designed to help keep sales teams' knowledge up to date. The programme consists of 10, 20 or alternatively 30 modules.

The content covers all aspects of indoor climate comfort and ranges from teaching thermodynamics to the reaction of the human body to changes in temperature. The programme also includes topics such as the design of heating systems or concepts for ventilation and air conditioning technology and also takes into account the use of renewable energies.

On-site visit in Pinkafeld

The CEO of the Purmo Group himself, John Peter Leesi, personally visited the Pinkafeld study centre in October. "Our energy and building technology laboratories were particularly exciting for our Finnish guests," says Werner Stutterecker. He heads the Bachelor's degree programme in Building and Energy Technology at Burgenland University of Applied Sciences and was largely responsible for designing the continuing education programme. Following the international pilot project, the programme is now to be rolled out to three other countries in which the Purmo Group operates. "Austria, Germany and the UK are currently being discussed," says Stutterecker. The cooperation is a win-win situation for both sides. Students and lecturers from the Department of Energy and Environment benefit from the Finnish company's international network. Further co-operation in the areas of projects, research and internships abroad are currently being discussed.

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